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About Me

Hi, my name is Laura Barrett and I hope to make your visit a very comfortable and enjoyable one for you to remember. Love kids, family, friends & great neighbours, blessed to have them all around me, I also love to laugh, a lot.  My hobbies are gardening. sports, athletics, photography, wildlife, birds, trips to the sea and Ireland in all its beauty.  I am new to B&B but am really enjoying meeting people from all over the world, so many different cultures & personalities, blessed so far with lovely guests to host.  Am a huge fan of the Irish Rugby team, love to watch them play.  Living just 2 miles from the Wicklow border there is so much to see and do, Glendalough is the biggest attraction for tourists, it's also my favourite place to visit with wonderful childhood memories,  there are so many walks and scenic driving routes to and from there, taking in the Wicklow Gap and the Sally Gap, great for photography lovers. The Glendalough Monastic Village has a very magical feel to it, I never tire of visits here and the many things to see and do around Glendalough and nearby areas. The Blessington Lakes are a favourite of mine too for a daytime walk if time allows, as is the River Liffey and Old Mill nearby. The Mill is currently being renovated and it's fantastic to watch the work and progress.  I love living in this small village, it's a wonderful community, we all support each other at all times and it makes it a very happy place to live.  Guests have kindly remarked how very friendly every one is, from pubs or restaurants or just in passing people on the street, that's Ballymore and it's great folk! The gardens at Tinnycross House colour mostly all year round and most plants are grown here from seed or from snips of others. So many colours, so many names, a haven of blooms. I could go out there on a sunny day and spend so much time snipping, cutting, moving, chopping back..... it's a real treat for me when time and weather allows it.  A large variety of birds are daily visitors, finch, robin, siskin, redpoll and wren are just some of many you will see while enjoying breakfast or sitting out in the garden, resident pheasant here too, such beautiful colours on him to see. During summer months many varieties of butterflies, bees and insects will be present on a warm day, make sure you have the camera ready, during winter months lots of rabbits, foxes and deer can be seen from the garden too along with buzzards overhead, you'll hear their very distinctive call. The black cat you'll see in the garden sprawled out in the sun is called Felix, he's 9, watch him move when the neighbours Golden Retriever comes over from across the road. He's Fionn and he's 12, friendliest mutt you'll ever meet but he doesn't like the cat.  Other occasional visitors are my neighbours, friends, family, nieces and nephews (the oldest being 39 and youngest is 3). All are very friendly and happy to interact and chat should you meet in passing. 


A warm welcome will greet you at Tinnycross House and we very much look forward to your visit.

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