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Breakfast at Tinnycross House


                           Served from 5am to 10am


A cooked breakfast of the guests choice is offered each morning in the very comfortable lounge. 


Sausages, bacon, eggs, black & white pudding, mushrooms, grilled tomato and beans on the side is a full Irish Breakfast at Tinnycross House.

A choice of eggs, boiled, scrambled or poached, toasted sandwich or an omelette are all available should the full breakfast be too much.

Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free Breakfasts on request.


Whatever your option is for a cooked breakfast please inform Laura and you'll be catered for. 

Breakfast can be served outside during summer months. Guests have kindly remarked how peaceful and quiet it is and how captivating the sound of the birds are all around. Many are daily garden visitors and a lot of plants grown at Tinnycross House are to attract birds and butterflies.


Whatever your plans are for the day ahead, a top breakfast will ensure a great start to your day. A walk by the River Liffey, maybe in woodlands at Russborough or by the Blessington Lakes or Blessington Greenway after it is very recommended or best of all a hike in Glendalough. Please ask Laura about the various walks as some can be unaccessible during bad weather or accessible but dangerous in extreme weather conditions, see information leaflet about times and courses to take from the Monastic Site at Glendalough in the guest lounge. 



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